Only You Can Prevent Grass Fires

Something like only 12% of Afghanistan is arable land.  So there is a ton of desert here and yet the Afghans love grass, trees, and roses (lots of roses–very beautiful–everywhere).  Even in the middle of a drought, which we are facing right now, plants are not neglected.

I have been bombarded with problems at Kabul Military Training Command.  Their well pump is failing and they are not receiving enough potable water each day.  A contractor has been trucking thousands of gallons of water to KMTC each day to ensure recruits (and plants) have enough to drink and we are about to spend a bunch of money to upgrade the water system, drill wells, and increase distribution.

Adding insult to injury, they are using their new fire truck (bought with your precious tax dollars) to water the landscaping.  Legitimately, this could be considered training and it definitely could be worse. . .

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