Afghanistan–It’s a Ditch

We really love to laugh at the Afghans for the funny things they do.  But they are, after all, dealing with the western standards we are trying to impose. 

Even still, Americans provide the best entertainment.  While out on a mission recently, road status changed in the Kabul area forcing a group outside the wire to find an alternative way back to Camp Eggers.  The didn’t have a map and ended-up ‘off the beaten path.’  Making matters worse, they managed to locate the local waste water treatment plant — a roadside ditch.

Business as usual for the Afghans

The Afghans often use the ditches and roadsides for dumping their sewage and this was one of those ditches!  Unfortunately for the guys involved, they haven’t had the best sense of humor about the incident which has only ratcheted-up the amount of harassment they are receiving.  Such is life in the military; don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve!

If Afghanistan isn’t the armpit of the world, it is definitely not more than a ditch!

One response to “Afghanistan–It’s a Ditch

  1. Classic. Thankfully I never dumped a vehicle into one of the roadside rivers.

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