Daily Archives: October 23, 2011

Shakespeare On Demand In Afghanistan

Last night unequivocally qualifies as my most memorable evening in Afghanistan.  Granted, there isn’t much competition, but I would have made time for Shakespeare On Demand anywhere.

A few weeks ago, I was eating lunch at the ISAF DFAC and met Ty Lemerande, the brother of a long time shipmate (and good friend–not always the same thing), Toby Lemerande.  Ty is a reservist serving in Afghanistan and brought his love for Shakespeare to Kabul.  He extended an invitation to his “one-man showcase,” known as Shakespearean Jukebox or, to the younger crowd, Shakespeare On Demand, which turned into an incredible evening of entertainment and education.  The show was absolutely fantastic and unforgettable.

Even better, you can see Shakespeare On Demand.  Ty and his wife, Amy, created Knighthorse Theatre Company in 2003 to make Shakespeare alive and relevant for today’s generations.  Travelling around the country, they are fulfilling their dream of teaching and performing what they love.  Even if you hate theater, you will love this!

Toby — you no longer have to explain where all the talent went.

Partnership: Priceless or Worthless

Could someone please remove the knife from America’s back? 

If your enthusiasm for U.S. participation in Afghanistan has cooled, don’t read this unless sedated:  Karzai: Afghanistan with Pakistan in US-Pak war.

Ten years, 1,692 lives and counting, and hundres of billions of dollars and we still do not have a partner in the region.  Somethings cannot be bought at any price. 

Next time the Afghans ask for something, we know who to direct them to.