Bingo Fuel — Pop Smoke — Scuttle the Ship

Doesn’t matter what language you speak (fly-boy, grunt, or swab), the weather guessers are announcing winds of change:  U.S. Exploring Faster Switch to Advisory Role in Afghanistan.

More “Hope and Change” on the way.



2 responses to “Bingo Fuel — Pop Smoke — Scuttle the Ship

  1. Anything for poll numbers right? The armed forces are here to support your election…

  2. In OIF 06-07 the was a big push to turn it over to the IA, MiTTs were put together from where every the Army could get them. No advisory training to speak of. We had to fill out chart on IA unit, the MNF-I, MNC-I were in a hurry to have the IA units show up evaluated as green on the PP slides. “Best damn IA unit I’ve ever seen” rubber stamp, MiTT would get calls from higher of “Why is this or that IA unit still amber or red in leadership, equipment, etc?” The reason was they couldn’t put up a fight, they were not ready to stand and fight unless greatly assisted by a US unit. The Surge and change in policy stopped the foolishness. Watch close, if the ANA starts to be reported more and more as solid fighting force able to stand alone, you will know the move is on to call them “AFGHAN GOOD A ENOUGH” Then we will start the back slapping and telling each other what a GREAT JOB we’ve done. Promotion and medals for everyone!! Never mind that ANA troop still don’t know how to clean or care that new M-16 that was fielded to him. Hey, were is that AK-47 any way? Sold it to who??

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