The once and future Afghan Air Force, Part III

More lawn darts recently arrived at Shindand Air Base as announced on the NTM-A Blog:  Afghan Air Force receives first of six new Cessna 208B’s.

ISAF photo

 To quote a former AAF advisor: 

The US pilot said that flying with the Afghans is like flying with 5 year-olds.  They get mad and just quit or they walk-off or just don’t show up some days for training, etc.  . . . Every time he flies, he worries it’s his last day. . . 

These new aircraft will undoubtedly join the constellation of stones placed firmly in the setting that is Shindand–the ‘crown jewel’ of Afghan Air Force.

One response to “The once and future Afghan Air Force, Part III

  1. An AAF Officer inflicted more causalities on USAF trainers in 2011 than any other organization. NTM-A didn’t post much about that one. Advisory Rule for ANA, ANP, and AAF, you better be ready to defend yourself from the people you are training everyday. Better have that 9MM ready, because the people your are helping are as deadly and dangerous as the people your suppose to be fighting.

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