Law school comes to Afghanistan

NTM-A’s own MAJ Bob Roughsedge is making headlines stateside in taking a stand against a idiot lawyer (but I repeat myself–no offense Bob) for objecting to sending care packages to the troops this Christmas Season. 

When a staff member sent off a junk email to everyone at Suffolk Law School, Professor Michael Avery decided to reply and kick himself in the teeth repeatedly (in all likelihood, Avery only thinks he flossed).  The original story was initially reported by radio talkshow host Michael Graham via his blog, The Natural Truth:  Suffolk Law School Prof On US Military: They’re “Killers,” Sympathy For Them “Not Rational In Today’s World”

 As an adjunct professor not wishing to be affiliated with the professor and the Law School any longer, Bob tendered his resignation.  The resignation letter is posted at Michael Graham’s website as well:  Suffolk Law Prof Resigns Over School’s Handling Of Military-Bashing Faculty.

The local Fox affiliate picked-up the story which includes a video and interview with Bob from Afghanistan:  Professor, Army Reservist quits Suffolk job after colleague calls troop care packages “shameful”

And Fox News has joined the chorus:  Professor Quits Job After Colleague Calls Care Packages for U.S. Troops ‘Shameful’

It amazes me that a professor can call sending care packages to the troops a political statement and think that his insult of the troops and their supporters is not political.  You think we only need Tort reform?  Sounds like the whole legal system is going down the drain. 

Equally confounding is how Bob Roughsedge, a lawyer and Bruins, Red Sox, and Patriots fan, could have any sense.

One response to “Law school comes to Afghanistan

  1. Way to go Bob!

    And welcome back Brian.

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