Battlefield lessons of the third kind

War is hell.”     –General William Tecumseh Sherman

Ain’t it?”            –Disrepectful, junior military officer

In modern warfare, lesser officers increasingly fail to pay proper homage to the senior officers burdened by the heavy responsibility of command.  Such insubordination undermines authority, creates dissent, compromises unit integrity and combat effectiveness, and ultimately costs lives.

Take the recently circulated email immediately below; a picture of the rampant insolence destroying our military today and undermining the mission in Afghanistan:

No matter how hard you try, some people are going to be inconsiderate, rude, and impolite.  And when they are, today’s leader must take swift and decisive action to correct the situation and save lives. 

The necessary training was delivered with this overdue and stinging rebuke:

Imagine the danger that the first email exposed our troops to during the two hours in which there was no return of fire.  As crazy as this sounds, this is only symptomatic of the problems created by the restrictive Escalation of Force procedures imposed by slow internet access that limit our troops on the field of battle.

“Thank you, sir.  May I have another?”

One response to “Battlefield lessons of the third kind

  1. I had to shower twice tonight to get the vinegar scent off from that douche bag. GP will be wonderful !!!

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