End date for Afghan war is set

According to BG Mark Yenter, “The war in Afghanistan is basically over by the last day of 2014,” as reported by myGuidon.com.  “When that war ends and that overseas contingency operations funding goes with it, we are back to peacetime Army, peacetime budget.”

Never thought the War on Terror was tied to the Mayan calendar.  Given the lunar eclipse in progress over Afghanistan as this post is written, things are getting spooky.


One response to “End date for Afghan war is set

  1. So that really was an eclipse. I was doubting what I saw in my Ambien induced stupor when I stumbled out to take a leak. I actually saw two moons… orange moons… I chased them for a minute thinking they were balloons. I wanted to know who had the pretty balloons…

    Oh, and what BG Yenter said is dumb.

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