Hamid Karzai IS crazy. . . maybe

Last Summer, President Hamid Karzai stated, “We are a rich country.”

Perhaps HamKar was thinking of the vast mineral reserves in Afghanistan.

He certainly wasn’t considering the massive costs such as extraction, transportation, corruption, extortion, and instability that cut into the profit motive.

But he is now singing a slightly different tune and even starting to sound much like MG Fuller, fired for stating some similar things (admittedly in a slightly different context).  As reported by the USA Today, the President of Afghanistan stated, “Together we have spent blood and treasure in fighting terrorism.  Your continued solidarity, your commitment and support will be crucial so that we can consolidate our gains and continue to address the challenges that remain.”

HamKar went on to state, “We will need your steadfast support for at least another decade.”  The USA Today reported that “Afghanistan estimates it will need outside contributions of roughly $10 billion in 2015 and onward.”

So he has demonstrated an ability to adapt and belly-up to the gravy train.  Perhaps HamKar isn’t crazy after all–but then, who is qualified to judge?

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