Afghan right ceiling fans

There is a simplicity about Afghanistan that is sublime.  Ask for a ceiling fan and you get a ceiling fan:

The advanced safety features will keep the Afghans (and manatees) from hurting themselves when they try to turn it on an off.  I see an update to the MIL-SPEC coming.  Until then, there are will always be plenty of “Redneck Right” solutions.

One last problem the Rednecks can’t provide a solution for;  Someone needs to request doors f0r the shower stalls so the men can have privacy with each other.

2 responses to “Afghan right ceiling fans

  1. You know, I once saw a similar fan rig in a double wide trailer in Maine (just visiting). Apparently this is what passes for Yankee ingenuity these days.

    Great photos. Thanks.

  2. Beckie Dellacioppa

    Ceiling fans are really great because they look more elegant and can be placed on the unused portion of your home. ‘;::: Till next time foodsupplementdigest

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