An O-6 to a junior ranking officer:  “I should have been on the [email] To: line and he should have been on the Cc: line.”

Civilian security contractor talking to a woman outside of one of two DFACs on Camp Eggers:  “So. . . do you come here often?”

After receiving an email notification that Salsa Night was cancelled:  “I guess we’ll just have to go knitting.”

Standing in line at the DFAC:  “Hey, it’s steak night!”  Response:  “What were you expecting? Something good?”

“How many are with you?”  Response:  “Everyone.”

“I don’t think it is in the locked-on-navy style, but it’ll work.”  Response:  “Well, doing things in the  locked-on-navy style just wouldn’t be our style.”

“Is the Provincial Governor objecting to [location]?  If he is, I’ll have him killed.  And I’ll mark his grave, ‘Dared to go against the Corps Commander.'”  –Via translator and an exuberant American civilian

“Have your Afghan talk to my Afghan.”

“U.S. Embassy Annex is conducting a Big Boy Voice drill at 1400.”

“Do you know how the mafia formed?”  Response: “No, but I think I’m going to find out.”

“My wife can’t hear me on the phone.”  Response:  “Your wife is a blessed woman.”

One response to “Overheard

  1. somewhere in afghanistan today: “he told me not to do anything. and that is exactly what i did.”

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