1. Be the monkey.   –Rusty Rhoads
  2. The issue is easier said than explained.  –USAF LtCol
  3. I hope we contributed as much as we think we did.  –Tim Faugl
  4. What did you expect for 12 Billion dollars?
  5. Information is free—confusion is priceless.
  6. [Was it a Cuban?]  No, but it was rolled on the belly of a Cuban virgin.  She’s one of two left.  –John Kem
  7. This job is a buffet, you’ll never run out of stuff to do.  You have to learn to push away from the buffet.  –Lee Parr
  8. Let them give their comments; then we’ll just reject what they say.  –John Kem
  9. It would have been done faster if we gave them more time.  –Brian Nottingham
  10. The inmates are guarding the henhouse.  –Brian Nottingham
  11. I applaud the mental masturbation put into those slides.  –John Kem
  12. Don’t feed the pigeons.  –Chuck Ennis
  13. The reality is that we have lots of audits because this is a jobs program.  –John Kem
  14. Maybe we just do a VTC some night for 3 hours with popcorn where we just shoot ourselves.  –John Kem
  15. I asked for a ‘Fred Flintstone’ solution and I got the ‘George Jetson’ answer.  –Rusty
  16. Strategic Basing – Barf on paper.  –John Kem
  17. We don’t build bridges, we burn them.  –Brian Nottingham
  18. We are not building a bridge, we are building an elevated roadway that allows water to pass underneath.  –John Kem
  19. Camp Eggers is an armpit.  But you made it a much better armpit.  –John Kem
  20. Disregard the previous [email].  We have nothing else to provide.  –John Kem
  21. None of this is necessary; we have three months left in the fiscal year: July, August, and September.  There, I proved it to you.  –Paul Cotellesso
  22. There are very few honest generals that I’d like to sit down and talk with.  –Chris Hart
  23. What does [he] do?  He’s a paperweight.  –Brian Nottingham
  24. There will be a letter from the Minister and it will sound exactly like a John Kem letter.  –John Kem
  25. Spartan 6 confirms that FOB Pasab should be the permanent base for FOB Pasab.  –USA CPT
  26. Food is just part of the weather.  –Brian Nottingham
  27. They are taking a lot of heat for not having a/c in the gym.  –Brian Nottingham
  28. When the power went down, the generators were shut off. —
  29. Our military public affairs types aren’t the smartest beers in the six-pack.  –John Kem
  30. Cod’s on the menu. See Politico.  –Peter Fuller
  31. There may be an issue with General Fuller’s signature.  –Peter Fuller’s Staffer
  32. If we went back 50 years, we’d be 10 years ahead. –MoI Official
  33. It’s just a fact of statement.  –Alex Stites
  34. He knows where all the dirty laundry is buried.  –John Kem
  35. Submitted to air gap, sir.  I haven’t tried going up, but I’m hoping it will be a lot faster than going down.  –USAF Capt
  36. I hope I care about anything as much as you care about everything.  –Fab
  37. I have sufficient information to be misinformational.  –Brian Nottingham
  38. I’m thinking I don’t know what I’m thinking.  —
  39. I haven’t been here since the last time we were here.  –Brian Nottingham
  40. You never know when you’ll have to fight your way out of a real estate engagement.
  41. It’s too late to go home early.  –Brian J. Davis
  42. Build a man a fire and he’ll be warm for the night.  Set a man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.  –Terry Prachett
  43. We are obliviously very keen for the build remain so for the reason stated above.  —
  44. I think we should not to give the milk to non hungry baby by force.  We are not the wet nurse.  –Sukdai Ham
  45. I didn’t find anything but I didn’t really look.  —
  46. 10,000 Afghans in a cave with a lightbulb still need a generator.  –John Kem
  47. I’m not saying that the site need to be vacated now. I just want know the schedule. Maybe Allah know.  –Sukdai Ham
  48. Integration is a lot easier when you minimize the number of people involved.  —
  49. I tell people that my last action was to visit the prison and I told the staff at Parwan to clean this place up and burn those books.  –John Kem

4 responses to “Quotes

  1. “The standardization is not the same.”

  2. Number 41 is absolute in its resolution to create an issue. Love it!

  3. Any kind of construction supply and logistic and security .

  4. Number 14. Hilarious. I’m outta this hole tomorrow.

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