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Big Boy visits Afghanistan

Someone must have been on their last day at Camp Eggers; something is just not right about the automated announcement from the NTM-A JOC.

If you aren’t in the military, this will not be funny one way or the other.  But for anyone familiar with military installations, this is funny, especially for Afghanistan. 

If you’ve been in Afghanistan and understand the affinity for boys, this announcement takes on a whole new meaning.

Hopefully, the exercise helped prepare the Embassy because when they use their their “Big Boy Voice” there is likely to be an uptick in interest from Afghans.


Afghanistan–It’s a Ditch

We really love to laugh at the Afghans for the funny things they do.  But they are, after all, dealing with the western standards we are trying to impose. 

Even still, Americans provide the best entertainment.  While out on a mission recently, road status changed in the Kabul area forcing a group outside the wire to find an alternative way back to Camp Eggers.  The didn’t have a map and ended-up ‘off the beaten path.’  Making matters worse, they managed to locate the local waste water treatment plant — a roadside ditch.

Business as usual for the Afghans

The Afghans often use the ditches and roadsides for dumping their sewage and this was one of those ditches!  Unfortunately for the guys involved, they haven’t had the best sense of humor about the incident which has only ratcheted-up the amount of harassment they are receiving.  Such is life in the military; don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve!

If Afghanistan isn’t the armpit of the world, it is definitely not more than a ditch!

Kabul Attacks

From the media attention, you would have thought Kabul was about to fall on September 13th.  Things were interesting for a few hours–then it rained.  I guess the Taliban lost interest in fighting after that.

Multiple explosions rock Afghan Capital

Taliban attack US Embassy, other Kabul buildings

Taliban target key sites in Kabul

3 police, 1 civilian killed in Taliban attacks in Kabul

Insurgents Attack U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan

Clinton Decries ‘Cowardly Attack’ on Kabul Embassy

Insurgents attack U.S. Embassy in Kabul

Kabul Standoff continues into night

Taliban attack in central Kabul ends

Regarding the rain, it was probably the hardest rain in the last six months.  It has maybe rained on only four or five days during that timespan as well.  I’m sure the Taliban weren’t prepared for that.