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Over 20 killed in Pakistan’s violent demonstrations

Ok, so this is mostly about Pakistan, but it illustrates the absurdity of the entire region:  Over 20 killed in Pakistan’s violent demonstrations | The AfPak Channel.

Jay Leno couldn’t put together a better gem than this. . .

Pakistan’s official “Day of Love for the Prophet Muhammad” turned into a day of deadly protests on Friday. . .

Doesn’t that say it all?  Yet there is more.  From the “say it ain’t so” stack. . .

A senior Chinese official, domestic security chief Zhou Yongkang, made China’s first high-level visit to Afghanistan in almost 50 years on Saturday, speaking with President Hamid Karzai on a range of economic and security issues (Reuters, AJE, CNN, Tel, BBC). While in Kabul, Zhou signed a security agreement that includes a pledge to “train, fund, and equip Afghan police” among other things, as analysts say China is looking to increase its presence in Afghanistan ahead of the withdrawal of NATO combat troops in 2014.

Imagine that, we borrow billions of Yen to spend billions of Dollars so the Chinese can come in and take over.  Sounds about right.

Afghanistan and Iran sign defense agreement

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has chosen Pakistan over the U.S.

Now he has chosen Iran over the U.S. 

According to news reports, Iran and Afghanistan signed an agreement to “promote peace, stability, and security in Afghanistan as well as the entire region.”  Additionally, “The MOU calls for promotion of training programs in the fields of logistics, techniques and engineering.”

Apparently, NTM-A could have saved a bunch of money by just outsourcing their mission to the Iranians years ago.

The Xinhua News Agency continues, “Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said Tuesday his country is ready to offer assistance to Afghanistan in its efforts to establish a more sophisticated military force.”

Can’t wait to see how that works out for them.

Not only are we building our ability to strike Iran from Afghanistan, we are training up the opposing force:  “Vahidi said the commission should assume an effective role in expanding mutual defense ties and reinforce the capabilities of Afghan defense forces, according to the report.”

All the news isn’t bleak as the reports end with something mutually agreeable:  “. . . the Islamic republic is against any treaty that would enable the U.S. forces to remain in Afghanistan.”

19 true things generals can’t say in public about the Afghan war: A helpful primer

If you learn something from the experience, it wasn’t a failure–at least not a complete failure.

In the wake of MG Fuller’s firing last month, The Best Defense, a blog at www.foreignpolicy.com, provides a helpful list of things best left unsaid when facing the media.

My favorite items to remember not to say are captured below:

  • We don’t know why we are here, what we are fighting for, or how to know if we are winning.
  • The strategy is to fight, talk, and build. But we’re withdrawing the fighters, the Taliban won’t talk, and the builders are corrupt.
  • Karzai’s family is especially corrupt.
  • But the problem isn’t corruption, it is which corrupt people are getting the dollars. We have to help corruption be more fair.
  • Even non-Taliban Afghans don’t much like us.
  • The ANA and ANP could break the day after we leave the country.

If you can’t say something nice about Afghanistan, don’t say it at all.

Afghans: Obama wasting time talking to terrorists

Pay attention, it’s tought to keep up with all the twists and turns in this plot:

Afghans: Obama wasting time talking to terrorists – Washington Times.

A brief recap (which admittedly probably includes many more subplots not captured here):

  1. President Obama wants to talk to terrorists.  According to Secretary of State Clinton, this is ‘to test whether the terrorist groups “have any willingness to negotiate in good faith.”’  Negotiating with Terrorists.
  2. U.S. says Pakistan’s ISI is supporting terrorists (former CJCS says the Haqqani Terrorist Network is a “veritable arm of the ISI.”
  3. Pakistan says any U.S infiltration of Pakistan is a violation of their sovereignty.
  4. President Hamid Karzai says they will stand with Pakistan against the U.S.
  5. Mr. Hamidzai, chairman of the Afghan parliamentary committee on internal-security affairs, says we

This ought to be interesting.  The Afghans have caught up to the previous administrations’ policies of not negotiating with terrorists.  In another 5-10 years, the Afghans will embrace the current administration’s policy of negotiation.  In the meantime, President Obama wants to accelerate the turnover of security responsibility to the Afghans and the removal of forces.

Sounds like we have a surefire plan for success or failure — depending on your definitions of “success” or “failure.”

Partnership: Priceless or Worthless

Could someone please remove the knife from America’s back? 

If your enthusiasm for U.S. participation in Afghanistan has cooled, don’t read this unless sedated:  Karzai: Afghanistan with Pakistan in US-Pak war.

Ten years, 1,692 lives and counting, and hundres of billions of dollars and we still do not have a partner in the region.  Somethings cannot be bought at any price. 

Next time the Afghans ask for something, we know who to direct them to.